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"My Fascination with Dorothy Parker"

by Terrie Frankel



I first became fascinated with Dorothy Parker n 1994 when I was at a yard sale in Woodland Hills, California and purchased The Portable Dorothy Parker for $1.

I became hooked. I went to the local library and took out several books about her life.


I decided to write a one-woman show about this fascinating feminist, born at the turn of the 20's Century, whose humor was shockingly ahead of her times, "One more drink and I'll be under the host" and "There was nothing more fun than a man!" 


Careful to avoid using any copyrighted materials (she left the rights to her writings to Martin Luther King Jr. who in turn left them to the NAACP), I took the main themes of Dorothy Parker's life and wove them into original songs: "The Algonquin Round Table Theme, "The Los Angeles Song", "I'm New York, "I Blew It Al", "The Telephone Call" and "For a Song and a Dance." Dorothy's final words to a friend, "Did Ernest Hemingway really like me?" inspired "Hemingway's Theme."


Because I was going through a divorce at the time and had very little money to spend, I mounted the show for one night only at the Groundling's Theater on Melrose Blvd - and had the cinematographer tape me again, 'one on one' on stage, a few weeks later, performing to the camera. The four Beta Tapes of my performance were stored away and followed me from place to place until I got back on my feet by co-writing a New York Times Bestselling book with my identical twin sister, Jennie. I went from rags to riches overnight...


Today I live in Sedona, Arizona in a wonderful home, that was once in Lucille Ball's family. I am so darned happy, I tell people "I ran out of places to pinch myself."


About six months ago, I casually mentioned to a local Producer at the Canyon Moon Theater that I had once performed a one-woman show based on the life of Dorothy Parker. "Give me the script, I'll produce it", Producer Mary Guiraldi told me. "I love Dorothy Parker!" I ran home and unearthed not only the script, but the four forgotten Beta Tapes of my performance!


I had the tapes transferred to DVD and with total amazement watched myself on stage as a blonde, performing the play. As luck would have it, a Computer Guru  friend (with a MBA) offered to edit the tapes into a feature length film, which we have submitted to film festivals.


Dorothy Parker's life is more relevant now than ever. Her experiences of being fired from Vanity Fair Magazine during the Roaring '20's, living through the Depression era of the 1930's - being one of the highest paid female writers in Hollywood history - her unfulfilling relationships with men - her squandering of money - her being Black Listed in Hollywood in the 1950's, and returning to New York penniless, reflects the precariousness hardships, ups and downs, that many are experiencing during our present challenging economic times.


Since Dorothy Parker died while in the middle of writing her auto-biography, this Musical Tribute titled, Room Enough For Two - The Life of Dorothy Parker offers a satisfying note to the ending of Dorothy Parker's life. With the audiences help, Tonight's the Night Dorothy shares her life story and completes her auto-biography so that she may move on to the 'other side' in peace....



Terrie Frankel

Author and Composer of

Room Enough For Two - The LIfe of Dorothy Parker - a Musical Tribute


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The Parker Play Overview
This play was created both as a tribute to Dorothy Parker, who I feel was one of the greatest female humorist of the 20th century, and as a vehicle to show case my life long love to make people smile, laugh, and to write inspiring music.

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